Sunday Inspiration: Amber’s Smile

Amber’s Smile shopping bag

Becoming a goddess doesn’t require any degrees of higher education or formal training of any kind.

Becoming a goddess only requires a big heart and a passionate spirit.

Take for example Jim Russ and his daughter Amber.

Amber lived in a wheel chair here in Sarasota for all of her brief life of 21 years due to epilepsy, cortical blindness, and scoliosis.

You might think that such a person would have little impact on others, but her father was inspired by Amber’s passion to start an organization called Amber’s Smile, which hires people with disabilities to make “My Beautiful Bags” for shopping. Part of the profit goes to the school Amber attended that serves children with special needs.

You can read the article “Inspired By Amber” here for more details of this wonderful story, and you can do some shopping on the web site here.

Thank you Jim and Amber.


  1. RICK RUSS on February 24, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    I help Jim the project and i can truly say there is a special feeling that comes over me when I watch the “CREW” work on the bags at Haven Industries and talking to them completely inspires me to stay involved.

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