Sunday Inspiration: Hope in spite of…

This short video moved me and I think it will move you, too. I find it perplexing that people who have so much going for them are often starved for hope –celebrities come to mind who seem to have everything and yet become addicted or suicidal. Others have so little and yet live with and inspire hope in others, in spite of the chaos and pain in their lives.

Certainly hopelessness engulfs all of us from time to time, but the people in this video make me hope that no matter how difficult our lives can be, there will always be the possibility of light in the midst of darkness, of love in the midst of loneliness, of meaning in the midst of despair.

Right now, what are you most hopeful about in your life? I’m about to welcome a new grandson, and I love knowing that with his caring, committed parents he will grow up to be a person who helps bring even more hope into the world. Reasons to be hopeful are everywhere. What’s yours?


  1. Lynn Ross on February 25, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    I’m so far behind in my emails, but I just had to comment on this old one of yours. It truly is inspiring. Thank you. I’m most hopeful about our children and grandchildren. There is so much potential there. Also, no matter how discouraged I get, there is always something in the situation that lifts me up. There is always a blessing to be found. I find myself looking for it rather than going into a downward spiral. One can always proclaim Divine Order. Thank you for being in my life, Emilie. <3

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