Ten Answers to Ten Questions About Emilie

Thanks to each and every one of you who entered last week’s Southern Exposure giveaway.  I had fun, and I hope you did, too.

Here are the ten answers to my ten questions and a few “fun facts” to go along with them. Enjoy. You’ll find the winner’s name at the bottom.

Ten AnswersOn which of Emilie’s series romance covers did her oldest son appear as a model?

All Those Years Ago, published in 1991 by Silhouette Special Editions, was the first book in a three-author series with Celeste Hamilton and Erica Spindler, who were good friends of mine. We conceived the Sonny’s Girls idea about a young man who was killed on the night of his senior prom and left behind three girls whose lives were entwined with his.

Since we needed to convey to the art department what “Sonny” looked like, I sent a copy of my son’s graduation photo, because he exactly fit the description–physically, that is–and to my surprise our publisher used it on the back cover. And no, he did not receive a model fee, but they did say thank you. I think.

By the way, I have the rights back to this novel and will look it over in the future for possible republishing. I think Shane’s photo should appear again, too.

Which one of Emilie’s series romances won the RITA award from Romance Writers of America?

Dragonslayer. And watch for it again very soon. The story truly stood the test of time, and with the brand-new cover from my talented daughter-in-law, the ebook will be at online bookstores soon.

Which of Emilie’s romances won the short-lived Janet Dailey award?

The Trouble With Joe. The award was set up by Janet Daily with Romance Writers of America to honor a romance featuring an important social issue, and had, I believe, four recipients over four years. Joe deals with older children adoption and male infertility and was either the 2nd or 3rd winner. Sadly but rightly so the award disappeared after Janet admitted to plagirizing Nora Roberts.

What was the title of Emilie’s first single title novel? (Not a series romance but her first “women’s fiction” novel.)

Iron Lace.

Who is the sleuth heroine of Emilie’s Ministry is Murder series?

Aggie Sloan-Wilcox

Name one of the three novels in which a main character is a minister–not a minister’s wife.

Dragonslayer, Endless Chain, The Color of Light. Some of you pointed out that Analiese, from The Color of Light is also a major character in the other Goddesses books, and, of course, Sam of Endless Chain, appears in other Shenandoah Album novels, too.

What is the title of the family saga that sent Emilie to Australia to research pearl diving?

Beautiful Lies, from Mark Twain’s quote about Australia: “Australian History does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies.” The quote is found in Following the Equator.

What’s the last name of the three sisters who ran an Irish “saloon” in Cleveland? (Hint, they appear in two novels.)

Donaghue. If I’d asked you if Whiskey Island was a real place, would you have known the answer? Next time!

Which one of Emilie’s single title novels (not her mysteries) is written in first person point of view?

When We Were Sisters, my most recent novel which is available now. In this novel we’re directly in the heads of three separate characters, and we know their thoughts.

Of the two series, Goddesses Anonymous and Shenandoah Album, which contains the most novels?

This question was the most answered (bless you for counting) and everyone got it right. The Shenandoah Album series has five books and Goddesses has four. Will there be more books in either series? Stay tuned.

The winner based on a drawing by random.org of all entries is Melody Brown. Melody will receive an autographed copy of Somewhere Between Luck and Trust.

Thank you all for playing along. A special shout-out to Lisa Riegel, one of my Krewe of Review, who wasn’t chosen but who answered the most questions, all correctly. Lisa, you rock.


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    I’m so excited to win! Thanks so much for the contest. I love your books, great stories of current relevant subjects.

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