Sunday Inspiration: Best Advice

Best AdviceOne reason I love this time of year — beginning of summer, beautiful weather, being with family, hanging out at Chautauqua — is because of all the inspiration in the air.

What? Yes, I have found that there is enough inspiration in commencement speeches to fill the entire year.

I know, many commencement addresses are as dull as dirt, but thanks to Google it’s easy to find others that are brilliant, wise, and humorous. In this Forbes article on The Best Advice from 2017 Commencements Speeches, I found a treasure trove.

For instance, wouldn’t you enjoy hearing Will Ferrell share his experiences on the many failures in his life — with abundant humor of course — and how he has overcome his fear of trying something new?

I would especially have loved being the audience at Virginia Tech — my alma mater for a masters degree — and listen to Sheryl Sandberg talking about the resilience she developed in facing her husband’s sudden death, comparing that tragedy to the shooting of 32 people on the Tech campus ten years ago.

Or wouldn’t you like to hear Michael Bloomberg at Villanova speaking about the true meaning of patriotism or Oprah at Skidmore College telling students that, “There is nothing more powerful than you using your personality to serve the calling of your soul…”

Perhaps I need more commencements in my life since I — you too? — am constantly changing and growing and graduating from one stage of life after another. And don’t we all need to have more opportunities to be inspired by those with great wisdom and insight.

So congratulations on your most recent graduation whatever and whenever it may be. And don’t forget that another one is just around the corner.

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