Sunday Inspiration: 2018 Revolutions


‘Tis the time when New Year’s Resolutions pop up wherever you go.

(T’was the time in 2014, too, when this blog ran the first time. I thought it was time for a repeat while I’m away celebrating with family. Enjoy.)

A part of me doesn’t care for this practice because it usually lacks conviction and follow-through and can make us feel guilty (see image above). But on the other hand, if we use it as an opportunity to  reflect on our past year and possibilities for the new year, good things can happen.

So I call these revolutions instead of resolutions since, if we take them seriously, our lives can be turned around and upside down. Perhaps I won’t succeed 100% on accomplishing these New Year’s Revolutions, but at least I hope to make progress. Feel free to add any to your list you might find useful.

Here we go…

1. Lose the weight of guilt and shame that serves no purpose other than to add pounds of suffering to your life, and instead slip into the slim jeans of self-confidence and wonder.

2. Exercise kindness and compassion for yourself and those around you so you will be able to build up the spiritual muscles of love.

3. Cut back on the calories of destructive people who fill you with junk food of anxiety and self-doubt, and instead surround yourself with people who feed your spirit with nutritional meals of support and encouragement.

4. Quit the addictive habits of gossiping and judging and instead practice spontaneity, playfulness, and joy.

5. Stop those midnight snacks of low self-esteem, and instead celebrate your many accomplishments and give thanks for all the blessings in your life.,

6. Instead of letting yourself be chained to mindless hours in front of a television, open a book every evening and enjoy a journey into your deepest heart and the mysteries of the universe.

Tell us about your New Year’s Revolutions?

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