What Did We Learn From Our Winter?

What Did We Learn From WinterToday, Tuesday, is the first day of spring.

Can you tell?

No? I’m not surprised. As I write this, the northeast United States is preparing for yet another nor’easter–the fourth this month. Severe storms with the threat of tornadoes are predicted for the South. Coastal rain and higher-elevation snow will spread across the Pacific Northwest. Heavy rain will begin over portions of California, potentially leading to flash flooding and mudslides. In the Los Angeles area, up to 6 inches of rain is forecast in the foothills and 2 to 4 inches for coastal areas, complicating life in areas burned during recent wildfires.

Want a little good news? The cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. are still slated to bloom around March 27th, and shouldn’t be hampered by the latest snowfall. It’s great, isn’t it, that something’s going as planned in the nation’s capital?

Ah, spring. Can you smell it in the air?

Back in October I shared my list of what I’d learned over the summer. I said:

Do you often take stock of your life? Or are you too busy just living it to give what’s happening much thought? I often fall into that last category. But when I do take the time to reconsider what I’ve done, or consider what I’m about to do, it’s enormously helpful.

So since today is officially the beginning of spring, it’s time for “What did we learn from our winter?” And, just like last time, if you feel called to do so, why not think about what you’ve learned and share them in a comment. For instance:

Did you learn something about yourself? Something about somebody you love? Something about the way you see the world? About your health, your beliefs, your actions? How about mistakes you made, or challenges you missed out on, or triumphs you’re proud of?

I enjoyed looking over my list. I’ve actually “unlearned” some of the things I learned over the summer. I’m not sure what this means. Does it mean they weren’t lessons I needed? Or that I fell back on bad habits? Or that they were only relevant for a short time? What about yours?

What that in mind, here’s my new list:

  • I learned that eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies doesn’t keep weight gain at bay. I am now on the 5:2 diet, not for the first time, and determined to lose the extra pounds I’ve gained. The fact that I’ve done this before may not bode well. On the other hand, it’s an intelligent diet I know I can follow. We’ll see.
  • I really enjoy writing. Really. And being back on a writing schedule feels like coming home. This winter I even wrote a book I never planned to, and now I’m looking forward to my next Mira.
  • I learned to let go of technology that, while familiar, was no longer helpful. With that in mind I welcomed a new mailing list provider, and I’m now having so much fun putting out my monthly newsletter.
  • I don’t have to follow every suggestion about promoting my career. At the same time when a fun, new opportunity presents itself, I should feel free to enjoy it. With that in mind I joined a group of women’s fiction authors called The Write House. (More about that in another blog.) I also recorded an audio podcast with my author friend Patricia McLinn. (You can hear that here.)
  • I’ve loosened the reins on dinner preparation, and I’m letting Proman take them up some of the time. He’s a whiz with Hello Fresh.
  • I’ve realized–very sadly–that while I still like to kayak, I don’t like the preparation. Luckily Proman realized the same. Anybody want to buy an amazing snap together kayak? We’ll rent in the future.
  • Just like last year I love having a reading challenge to fulfill, so my Krewe and I created one. I enjoy talking books with other readers on my Read Along With Emilie Richards Facebook Page.

And there you have my list. Absolutely nothing earth shattering, but as always, thinking back on the past months was helpful to me. How about you? Share your insights if you feel comfortable. Are we growing, changing, or happy staying put?

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  1. Nancy Lepri on March 21, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    I’ve learned that I like to eat out too much, and that now that we’re retired, my husband likes to cook too much (and that mean baking goodies) and my neighbors love to share too much! Ugh!!! I’m going to have check out your 5.2 diet! Either that or have my dentist wire my mouth shut!

    I’ve also learned that I like reading much more than watching TV.

    I’ve also learned that I cannot say NO and have gotten too caught up in church and neighborhood activities, but hey, that’s what keeps us young, right?

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