Reading Challenges 2018: We Are Not Alone

Are you participating in the Read Along With Emilie Richards Reading Challenge?

If not, and you want to, you’ll find out all about it here.

I promised to post about the challenge on the last Wednesday of every month, but you can see I’m a few days late for April. I’m delighted to say I’m not behind on my reading, though. I’ve filled half the categories, despite spending a lot of time reading non-fiction for other purposes, including research.

For April–more or less–I want to investigate and enjoy a few of the other interesting reading challenges available. Come along with me for a brief look. You may find one you’d like to do, along with or instead of mine. It’s all about reading for fun.

Book Riot:

Book Riot has one of the most interesting challenges, especially if you’re a self-starter. In a post titled 50 DIY Reading Challenges to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Reading Life the website suggests you create your own challenge. Here’s their first example:

#1: Make a list of ten identities that are important to you and/or influence the way you experience the world. Now read ten books by ten different authors who share one of those identities, and/or ten different books that center and explore those identities. 

Another random example from their list of 50? How about:

#5: Read a book published each year between your birth and now. Goodreads by decade shelves can help.

And one of my favorites:

#9: Go to the library once a month, browse the stacks, and pick a book that looks interesting to you, but that you have never heard of and that no one has recommended to you. Make sure you’ve never heard of the author, either.

The list goes on. You can find it here. Book Riot has other challenges, too. Take a look around while you’re there.

Pop Sugar:

The Pop Sugar Challenge is more like ours, only LONGER! Yes, it’s 40 books, plus 10 bonus suggestions.

Some of my favorite possibilities from the list:

A book involving a heist. A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym. A book with song lyrics in the title. 

The Pop Sugar list shares two categories with ours. A book made into a movie (they add “you’ve already seen”), and a book by a local author.

So many categories, so little time. You can find the Pop Sugar list here.

Penguin’s Classic Book Reading Challenge:

Ever wanted to read The Picture of Dorian Gray, or The Communist Manifesto? Here’s your chance. One book per month. If nothing else check the list and see which ones you’ve already read. I could only claim September and December.

And if you love this one, better start right away. You’re four months behind.

You’ll find the list here.

Need more possibilities?

The Master List of 2018 Reading Challenges is chock full of possibilities. If your interest hasn’t been piqued so far, I dare you to read this without wanting to try at least one.

You’ll find their list of challenges here.

Are you feeling like the challenge here is a little easier now? A little shorter? A little more doable?

If you’re reading along with us, how are you doing? How many books have you read for our challenge so far, and what was the last one you tackled? And now, after reading this post, are you going to add another challenge to 2018? Let us know.

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