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writing with othersWhile the title today is writing with others, let me first talk about reading with others instead.

As many of you probably remember, I’ve mentioned my book discussion group, which has been in existence for more than twenty years. It began as an offshoot of a small group of writers in the Cleveland, OH area. We decided reading a book and discussing it when we got together, and concentrating on why it did or didn’t work from a writer’s standpoint, would be fun. Eventually we moved the discussion online, where it’s remained every since.

I’ve been the gatekeeper since the beginning and I’m now the only original member. When members find they can’t keep up or their interests have changed, new people are invited in. I can’t begin to count how many members have come and gone. We average between nine and twelve at a time, all published novelists.

Recently, as we discussed Six Years,* by Harlan Coben, our February selection, we had several enlightening conversations. I’ll bring you another I’m putting together soon about the many different ways we put books together.

Moving Right Along

Today I’m sending you elsewhere, to Word Wenches, a blog from eight well-published historical authors which has been in existence since 2006. Check the sidebar to see all the awards and bestseller lists these authors have garnered and enjoy  their posts. While you’re there take a moment to mourn Edith Layton and Jo Beverly, much beloved authors and wenches who have since passed on.

Today, though, enjoy the most recent blog from author Mary Jo Putney, a member of our book discussion group who I’ve known for many years and who took some of our conversations and condensed them for you to enjoy. In this segment she enlightens you about our opinions on everything from how we feel about writing, to how we feel about writing with others. We weren’t talking about collaboration, but about ways that groups of authors help each other by critiquing, brainstorming, or retreating together.

Even if you’re not a writer, do you band together with others to work on projects together? Do you critique or help a friend come up with new ideas? Have you ever been on a retreat with other creative people to share and learn together?

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