Sunday Inspiration: Perception is the key


“Some people could be given an entire field of roses

and only see the thorns in it.

Others could be given only a single weed

and only see the wildflower in it.

Perception is a key component to gratitude.

And gratitude a key component to joy.”

-Amy Weatherly


I must confess that as a gardener there are some days I go out into my garden and the first thing I see are the weeds that need to be pulled–or right now, the mushrooms sprouting after record rainfall. When that happens I try to remember to avert my eyes from the problems– at least until I can get into weed-pulling mode — and instead appreciate the beauty of the plants and flowers.

At the worst of times I do that with people, too. Do you? Instead of seeing  beauty, I zero in on a flaw or flaws. When I can be mindful of this impairment in my own vision and drop that filter, I am so grateful. Because I have given both of us a chance for a deeper relationship.

Have you had similar experiences?

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