Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


Holiday Hangover

What do you get when you cross the holiday season with a root canal? Actually, the answer is pretty pedestrian. You get a writer with a proposal to finish, edits to check, and too many fretful nights. So tune in next week when I suspect that writer (me) will be fresher and more alert. (And don’t worry,…

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Holiday Inspiration: The Wise-Man Star

Every once in a while I share this reading at Christmas. The excerpt comes from my novel Fugitive, which was released as part of a romance trilogy from Silhouette Books in the 1990s. I’m hoping to re-release all three of these novels again in the near future. Tate, the heroine, has moved to a cabin on land in the…

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Thanksgiving: All Is Safely Gathered In

Some of you may have seen my post about WorkFlowy. Some of you may have seen this past week’s beautiful Sunday Inspiration video on Gratitude, found and added by my husband. I am absolutely certain that at no point did you see a connection between them. I didn’t either, not until it occurred to me that it’s…

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Christmas Dream from my family to yours

Christmas Dream Crazy things, said and done every single day but one Every night should, I believe be the same as Christmas eve Nights should all be silent, days should all slow down An end to the hurry, the noise and the worry And I hope you believe that too It’s Christmas, remember? Does no…

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Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to Yours

Statler Rum Rolls from Good Housekeeping Cookbook (published in 1942) Thanksgiving is so tied to food in the U.S. that when I think of the holiday, I can almost taste the traditional foods I enjoyed as a child. On my Facebook Page I mentioned that I would be making these for my own Thanksgiving dinner…

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Happy Howl-o-ween

I’m on my way to the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, OH, where I’ll be signing books all day Saturday, November 1. But before I go Nemo and I wanted to wish you a happy Howl-o-ween. And if you’re not quite in the mood? Here’s an hysterical video (Nemo insisted) to get you ready for all…

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Happy Mardi Gras Day

Happy, happy Mardi Gras whether you’re among those who celebrate, wish you celebrated, or despise parades, beads and king cake any time of year. If you’re watching a parade right now, just know I wish I were right there beside you shouting “Throw me something, Mister!” The Unmasking, which is my one real carnival book, goes…

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The Good Times Jar

I love holidays.  I love having an excuse to hang out and do nothing, or do silly things I don’t normally have time to do, or be merry with friends. The celebration of New Year is a bit different. There’s no religious connection to speak of, nothing to decorate, no eggs to color, no tree…

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